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1/28/14 – Returning from another year at NADA and it’s depressing on how many dealers/GM’s/managers are spending more and more money on digital strategies, new CRM companies and DMS platforms without a internal process in place to handle lead follow-up?

Everyone knows that the majority of our sales come from customers who spent time online.  Most of those customers were on our dealership websites.   Many of those website shoppers called us, filled out a lead form on our website or engaged in a chat on our site.   We get that, but do we get that customers are expecting more from us once they hit send or click to call?

I’m in the business to turn the lead into a customer experience that stands out.   Your lead strategy is part salesmanship, part storytelling.  If you’re like most automotive dealerships, you are okay on the sales and shaky on the story.

Whether you need help building content on your blog to use in lead responses or you need actual lead templates that are hyper-local, manufacturer specific and dealership brand specific,  I WANT TO HELP.

It’s time to take back the leadership role in the sales process and it starts with the digital lead follow-up experience.

Call for a Car Copywriter @ 248-795-5276


  • Blog posts on product advantages, dealership advantages, competitive comparisons optimized for website SEO value and to hyperlink to lead response follow-up.
  • 120 day lead follow-up strategies including: automated messaging and salesperson custom templates.
  • Website evaluations including SEO optimization techniques, messaging strategies and storytelling for longer engagement and customer value.


We’re cheap – $40/hr
We’re good – We’ll prove it with our first blog or lead template FREE

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